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Welcome to the North Carolina Society of the Cincinnati web site. This Society was founded in October 1783 at Hillsborough, North Carolina, by officers living in that State who had served in the Continental Army during the American Revolution. Their purpose was to preserve the rights and liberties for which they had fought, to foster the union and honor of the new States, and to build a sense of fraternity between those who had served, while remaining vigilant to help any of their fellow officers who had become destitute.

In the spirit of their forefathers, the members of the North Carolina Society today seek to disseminate knowledge of the sacrifices and achievements of the heroes of that war. Some ten North Carolina regiments served in the Continental Line in the course of the Revolution. Many marched with Washington in New York and New Jersey, wintered at Valley Forge, and fought at Brandywine, Germantown and Monmouth Court House. Later as the scene of conflict shifted others fought in the south. That the dedication and service of all these men are known is our objective.
Within the pages of this web site we wish to introduce you to our Society and further interest you in exploring the history of North Carolina in the American Revolution. Thank you for your interest in both of these topics.

All suggestions, comments or improvements are welcome…

William Pless Lunger