Grants Request Form

We welcome any interested inquiries regarding the Society’s grants program. They will be forwarded through the website to the Grants Committee for consideration.

The Grants Program and its related activities exist squarely in the center of the mission and purpose of the North Carolina Society of the Cincinnati. Throughout its history the North Carolina Society has actively supported educational programs, scholastic projects, and preservation initiatives that are related to and consistent with the mission and purpose of the Society.

The goal of these financial grants is to promote and preserve the ideals and principles of the American Revolution and to broaden and further the understanding of the foundation of our Country. The source of funding for these various activities comes solely from member contributions.

Some examples of recent grants activity have been:

The George Washington Distinguished Professorship at the University of North Carolina.

Distribution of the DVD “First in Victory-North Carolina’s Role in the American Revolution” to middle school teachers throughout North Carolina.

Numerous stipends and recurring grants to historic endeavors and organizations that depend on this type of support such as The Fayetteville Light Infantry, The North Carolina Military Historical Society, and The Carolina Charter Corporation.

Through grants, the North Carolina Society also actively supports the General Society’s Headquarters and Library at Anderson House in Washington, DC.